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  • Very thorough and understanding. Carried out an in-depth and detailed analysis of my condition and diagnosis. I am extremely happy with the care and service.

  • Thanks!
    This centre was God sent for me after a terrible accident on the treadmill. On the recommendation of a friend, I reached this centre. After 10 sessions my back became stronger. Dr Digpal has worked very hard with me. Can't thank him enough!

  • Good Work!
    Chandigarh is fortunate to have such a world class rehabilitation centre thanks to Abhinav Bindra's foresight! Dr. Digpal Singh's expertise and motivation has helped me in walking effortlessly in a short duration despite the arthritis and osteoporosis. The sessions have been a great experience. Carry on the good work!

  • I am really impressed with this state of art facility opened by Abhinav Bindra. Though, I have never visited this facility and was very sceptical about my parents seeking fitness assistance here, I am amazed by the progress my parents have made by structured tailored workout regime. My parents were struggling with activities like walking, climbing stairs, getting in and out of bed and other basic daily activities. Since they have joined the physio sessions with trained professionals employing technologically advanced machines to ascertain the postural problem, my parents have regained balance, fitness and confidence. Now they have better movement, flexibility and limb strength to keep active. It is truly a gods gift to my parents who can now lead their life independently at this advancing age. I would love like to thank the hard working staff and Mr Bindra on behalf of my parents (Mrs. Ravish Gupta and Mr. Rajinder Gupta) and hope that they would continue to provide such commendable services to the people with compromised functionality.

  • When I came to this center, I was in excruciating pain in my back. With the help of Dr. Mayank I am able to go to my routine life with a lot of relief in my pain. An empathetic approach, flexibility of the treatment method & personal attention and care has contributed to my wellness and probably kept me motivated to wake the long journey from my home to the centre for my sessions. My sincerest thanks to Mr. Mayank & his support staff!

  • I found the sessions very effective. They helped release my back pain. The rehab concept is good especially for post surgeries. Doctors should recommend it for all patients for speedy recovery.

  • I was advised to undergo an assessment at the rehab lab. 6 month later, I feel fully repaired. I was very satisfied with the experience and with the specificity of results that I was presented. I was given very detailed feedback, and found out a lot about my gait, posture, balance and muscle strength. It was comprehensive and allowed me to pinpoint specific errors. Overall, I was very satisfied with the experience and with the machines themselves. I highly recommend the experience to everyone!

  • I joined rehab lab almost a month and have completed almost 20 sessions. Dr. Rohit has put in a great effort and I really appreciate his dedication. Overall, I think the rehab lab is very good and effective. I’m thankful to Dr. Rohit Kalyan for his efforts and being my mentor. Wish you all the best.

  • Thank you so much to the rehab lab for taking care of me as well. Everyone has worked tirelessly over the last 5 days to help me recover from my right hamstring injury. I can safety vouch for the expertise of the people here. Clinics like the rehab lab are a massive blessing for sportsmen like me. Special thanks to Mr. Mayank Sharma, I wouldn’t be hoping to play my tournament next week without his help. Thank You Again.

  • I have achieved perfect walking gait after training with this center post all recommendations. This is the perfect center to recover from injuries. It’s fun and extremely helpful. Thank you!

  • It has been a wonderful experience at the Rehab lab with Dr. Shilpi. Proper care and advice has been provided. Overall the staff and set up at the lab is great. Attention to the injured area is taken care of.

  • I had very bad back pain. I couldn’t sit over 1 minute. I felt serious pain and numbness. I received several physiotherapy treatments, but it didn’t work. Then I visited the Rehab Lab and started to get treatment. After 10 time treatment I was getting better and with various treatment and exercise. My pain and numbness get better. After 20 time sessions I rarely feel pain and numbness i am satisfied with this program and services.

  • We were referred by a known physio to Rehab Lab. Dr. Shilpi wonderfully assessed and recommended the requirement treatment for my student. We have come here for 10 sessions and the pain has substantially decreased. I am very impressed by the latest machinery and infrastructure the lab has. The workforce and workplace has been very professionally. We are glad that Dr. Shilpi has offered to be of any assistance required in future.

  • Found therapists who know their job thoroughly and their instructional ability is above par. Very pleasant and cheerful atmosphere.

  • This center is a great initiative and will go a long way in taking India sports to the next level. Dr. Digpal is one of the best I have encountered in this field. I hope all the work I have done till now and will be doing with him with show results on the squash court!

    Special thank to Sneha. She is a fantastic receptionist.

  • Nice, cooperative and well behaved staff receptionist & therapist. Always eager to help & guide with whose help I find much relief. Wishing all success, so that sufferers like me find, help, relief and solace from the problem. I would like to have more sessions for complete relief.

  • This kind of facilities are not available in India. Dr. Digpal is totally filled with the knowledge and will be the best to train you.

  • Wishing best of luck!
    A state of the art facility will amazing expertise. Dr.Digpal is the most well equipped person to help you correct any issues with your body ably supported with his trained staff. They have the right technology back up and the most advanced equipments. The EMS sessions are just over the top experience. Feel blessed that we have this centre in our area and getting better in every session I attend. Wishing all the team the best of luck!