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At the Abhinav Bindra Targeting Performance center we provide sports performance analysis, assessment, rehabilitation and training to sports persons using 21st century equipment and cutting edge technology. As a sports rehabilitation and performance center, we ensure you have access to the best facilities, trainers and equipment in India and the world. Whether you're looking for performance enhancement or to address a specific problem acting as a hindrance in your sports performance, our revolutionary technology systems and sports rehabilitation equipment help carry out an accurate assessment and provide a real time feedback during training to ensure quality of movement.

Sports Performance Assessment

Sports performance analysis and assessment involves a full assessment of a sportsman or athlete which helps identify the functional level and overall fitness level of the person. This can be done without any conditions or if you have undergone a sports injury or surgery. The objective of this assessment is to identify the gaps in performance level and to restore enhanced performance through sports rehabilitation and physical therapy. This assessment of an athlete or individual measure agility, endurance, resistance, strength and stability. An assessment will also help identify if you are prone to any risks in the future. It will also help you gain an understanding of which stage of recovery you are in and what areas need improvement.

Sports Performance

Sports Rehabilitation

Based on the assessment conducted, our team of skilled medical professional will determine a customized sports injury prevention program of recovery which caters to your needs as a sportsman. The evaluation will identify your physical strengths and weaknesses relevant to prevention, recovery and return to sport decisions. Based on these evaluations, you will receive customized sports rehabilitation therapy to help you improve your performance. Whether this rehabilitation is given to you through exercises, physiotherapy, EMS Training, Neuro-tracking, Neuro-Feedback or Bio-Feedback, your body will soon return to an improved state of performance. Our well trained practitioners understand how to integrate psycho-physiological assessments and biofeedback interventions into a wide body of clinical skills and knowledge base.

Sports Performance Training Center

Sports Training 

If you are preparing for a particular event in the future or just want to enhance your sports performance for your career, we can provide you with detailed training that will help you achieve your goals. With revolutionary technology exclusively available to us by TecnoBody,
we give you access to high quality sports training to improve your performance and acquire skills that you may currently lack. Targeted training with the help of EMS Training and Bio and Neuro-feedback technology will help you reach your peak.

Sports Rehabilitation Centre

Sports Injury Prevention

Being an athlete or sportsperson comes with the risk of being prone to injuries and trauma. As a sportsman, you must have access to professional sports care and rehabilitation. Our trained staff is well versed with training exercises that help prevent various sports injuries and will outline a customized injury prevention program for you. Injury prevention in sports is an important aspect of playing a sport. If you have suffered from a sports injury then you must consider sports injury rehabilitation. If you think you are prone to injuries as an athlete or sportsman, visit us for prevention of sports injuries and customized injury prevention rehabilitation.

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