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What is Post Injury Physiotherapy? 

Post-injury physiotherapy is the process of providing physiotherapy after an individual has suffered an injury. Many patients who have suffered injuries do not have the right knowledge to recover or rehabilitate themselves. Post-injury physiotherapy includes a correct diagnosis, personalized treatment through exercises, re-education of muscles, improving range of motion, enhanced performance for daily activities, improved mental health and the overall improvement of body functions. Typical injury physiotherapy includes treatment for ankle injuries, thigh muscle injury treatment, knee injury rehabilitation and injury prevention in sports.

Relief From Knee Pain

Why you Need Post Injury Physiotherapy

Suffering from an injury can have adverse effects on the muscle strength, flexibility, body movements, psychology and overall functioning. Dealing with these injuries often requires physiotherapy that helps restore normal body functioning, provide pain relief, improves muscle strength and flexibility and helps an individual cope with the mental stress of dealing with an injury. Post-injury physiotherapy is important to help address pain and start the process of recovery. Post-injury physiotherapy is also important to prevent re-injury.

Common Injuries that Require Physiotherapy

  • Tendon and ligament injuries
  • Sports injuries 
  • Road Traffic Accidents and Injuries
  • Muscle strains and sprains 
  • Neck, shoulder, ribs, back, hips, knee and ankle injuries
  • Over-use injuries
  • Ergonomic Injuries

How we Provide Post Injury Physiotherapy

  • A thorough assessment is carried out by our injury rehabilitation specialists to identify and diagnose the problem using advanced medical technology
  • Based on the diagnosis, an individualized physiotherapy and rehabilitation program is outlined based on your specific needs
  • Physiotherapy and exercises are provided using advanced medical technology to remove pain and discomfort and improve functioning 
  • Real-time feedback is provided by TecnoBody Systems - 21st century advanced medical systems
  • Sophisticated and dedicated physiotherapy and rehabilitation is provided by our medical professionals till the body is restored to a natural state 

Where is this Injury Physiotherapy Available? 

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