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What is Cardiovascular Physiotherapy? 

Cardiovascular rehabilitation physiotherapy involves the treatment of people suffering from heart disorders. These conditions may manifest themselves as shortness of breath, increased work of breathing or the reduced ability to exercise. The entire process includes the diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of the patient suffering from a cardiovascular disorder or issue.

How do we Treat Cardiovascular Conditions?

The process of your recovery begins with a detailed assessment of your problem. A comprehensive assessment is carried out using the revolutionary equipment. This cardiac rehabilitation is provided in different cardiac rehabilitation phases of primary and secondary treatment. Based on our assessment, our cardiac rehabilitation therapist will offer customized treatment to eliminate discomfort and pain. The cardiac rehabilitation exercises are carried out in two parts: Aerobic and Resistance exercises. Your cardiac rehabilitation therapy will start with checking your BP and heart rate, followed by warming up, main exercises and cooling down. The session will end with checking your BP and heart rate again. These exercise sessions are carried out by our cardiac specialists.

What are the Different Cardiac Rehabilitation Phases? 

Your Cardiac Rehabilitation therapy will be carried out in two phases. The primary and secondary phase. 

Primary Phase: The primary cardiac rehabilitation phase will include management of risk factors. This includes lipid, diabetes and hypertension management. The primary phase is also used to educate you about the importance of physical activity 

Secondary Phase: The secondary cardiac rehabilitation phase will focus on improving your ability to perform daily tasks with more ease. Our aim is to improve cholesterol, blood pressure and blood sugar levels, increased confidence and decreased anxiety & depression.

Where is this Cardiac Rehabilitation Available? 

If you're looking for an advanced cardiac rehabilitation centre, therapist or services to address your cardiovascular disorders, consider dropping by in a centre near you for a detailed assessment. Take a look at all our centres here.

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