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What is Assessment? 

Assessment is a the process of identifying and understanding the impact of an injury, disability or any orthopedic, cardiac or neurological discomfort experienced by an individual. The objective of an assessment is to identify the actions and rehabilitation needed to restore and enhance human performance and functioning. Based on our assessment of your condition and functionality, a detailed and personalized rehabilitation plan is created to address your specific needs. 

How is an Assessment Carried out? 

An assessment is carried out by our trained medical professional using advanced medical technology systems like TecnoBody. Our revolutionary systems provide assessment as well as training and rehab, giving real time feedback through 3D cameras eliminating the need of fixing any external markers on the body, with efficiency of detecting even one degree of deviation. This ensures quality of movement with faster recovery and pain relief from any kind of illness, injury or disability.  

When can an Assessment Take Place? 

An assessment can be conducted at any stage in life, even if you have not experienced an injury, disability or discomfort. However, we recommend coming for an assessment in the following situations: 

  • In case of an accident or injury that has caused pain or discomfort
  • Patients who have suffered neurological disorders such as Strokes, Parkinsons etc.
  • Patients who have suffered orthopedic conditions such as body pain, musculoskeletal issues etc.
  • Patients who have recently undergone surgery and experience pain and discomfort
  • Pregnant women who experience discomfort or pain during or after their pregnancy
  • Athletes who would like to enhance their sports performance
  • After a sports injury or in order to prevent one 

What kind of Assessments do we Carry Out?

Our medically trained professional along with our advanced technology helps us identify imbalance and functionality issues in individuals with respect to orthopedic, neurological and cardiopulmonary systems. Whether it is a physiotherapy assessment for lower back pain, assessment of a stroke patient, traumatic brain injury assessment or just a simple fitness assessment, you can come in to get a detailed analysis of your current functioning in order to identify the gaps in attaining optimum health and fitness. Some of the most common assessment we conduct include:

Postural Assessment

  • Balance & Stability 
  • Pelvic Stability 
  • Posterior Chain Muscle Asymmetry
  • Gait Analysis

Functional Assessment

  • Upper & Lower Limb
  • Trunk
  • Knee Isokinetic Testing
  • Musculoskeletal Screening

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