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Mr. Abhinav Bindra's Perspective

"The role of sports science and technology played a crucial role in my performance and my Olympic Journey. I travelled to the best facilities in the world to benefit and help improve my performance. I always wanted to see these facilities and technology available in India and that’s where the idea of opening a High-Performance Training centre was born.

The centre is equipped with some revolutionary equipment which combines assessment with training giving athletes and clients real-time feedback while they go through their training. The centre is ideal not just for athletes but also anybody who wishes to improve their human performance, efficiency and fitness."

"It's not every four years, it's every day."

Abhinav Bindra

What is the ABTP Advanced Medical Rehab Centre?

The Abhinav Bindra Targeting Performance Centre is dedicated to ensuring that people walk out free of bone and joint pains by using intricate, intense exercises executed in a precise manner so as to attain the most accurate results. Equipped with 21st century systems with cutting-edge technology in the field of medical fitness, sports rehabilitation and injury prevention, advanced orthopedic rehabilitation, sports science, peak performance, cardiac rehabilitation, paediatric cardiac rehabilitation and other physiotherapy services and trained professional well versed with the contemporary practices, the lab aims to replace discomfort with cure and ensure that people lead a pain-free life.

The ABTP Physiotherapy & Rehab Centres in India offer comprehensive wellness solutions, catering to people from various walks of life with maximum beneficiaries being a large population suffering from chronic arthritic pain, knee and hip alignments, spinal injuries as well as patients of sports injuries that require rehabilitation. It offers improved quality of life to those who have undergone a Total Knee Replacement/Total Hip Replacement or suffer from consistent pain, back and shoulder pain and guides individuals suffering for years with weight-related issues.

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Unique Features of AB Targeting

A unique feature of the centre is its quantitative progress mapping of each patient, so as to gauge improvement or deterioration on a 'scale'. The patients can see the results and how the advanced rehabilitation centre is helping them to improve their quality of life. Top hospitals in Europe and sports teams like Real Madrid, AC Milan and several Olympic training centres have integrated these systems from Tecnobody, Italy, into their training and rehab facilities. 

The system provides precise and real-time analysis of the body structures at fault and offers treatment and training, which further help our expert therapists get more accurate and effective results. The tests which will be most beneficial in every person's case would include gait analysis, squat analysis, upper & lower limb test, postural balance test, proprioceptive test, foot balance compares and postural test to analyze the imbalances in your back muscles and body. The treatment will include pain management using Care Therapy which is again an advanced therapeutic modality offered solely in our centre with excellent results. The training will include postural, proprioceptive, flexibility and strength training so that a patient recovers from the core permanently and not just superficially.

Why Choose our Medical Rehab Centre for your Treatment?

When you’re in pain, nothing seems right. You miss out on your favourite activities. You may miss work and your ability to earn a living or support your family. We have the experience and training to treat any pain problem or rehabilitation need you may have. We use revolutionary advanced technology to re-establish correct postural alignment and hands-on skills of our experienced therapist to provide solutions specific to your needs with corrective exercise programs to maintain flexibility and strength. And we don’t just treat your pain — we show you how to keep it from coming again. 

Our revolutionary systems provide an assessment as well as training and rehab, giving real-time feedback through 3D cameras eliminating the need of fixing any external markers on the body, with the efficiency of detecting even one degree of deviation. This ensures the quality of movement with faster recovery and pain relief from any kind of illness, injury or disability. Our aim is to take away your pain and discomfort and to educate you about your own body. We aim at providing world-class assessment, training, prevention and rehabilitation and to redefine health and fitness with principles of recovery, rediscovery and rejuvenation.

Dr. Digpal - Performance Director for AB Targeting Performance

In today's day and age, almost every individual is suffering from some form of pain or discomfort and is looking for a solution to aid their sedentary ailments and improve their lifestyle. With Mr. Bindra’s vision, it is now possible that for the first time in India we have a unique setup where the quality of training or rehab is not compromised. Personalised attention along with revolutionary technological advancement is in cooperated. I look forward to helping you solve all your performance and musculoskeletal issues and help you achieve your dream of having a successful career as a sportsperson or your goal to incorporate quality mechanics in the day to day life. Remember its the “Quality of Movement” that counts.

Dr. Digpal Ranawat

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