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Sports Injury and Rehabilitation Therapy

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  • February 14, 2018
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Injuries are common whether you actively participate in organized sports, training exercises, competitions or even during fitness activities. Some of the main reasons for sports injuries are inadequate warm-up, your body not being conditioned to the particular exercise or even poor training methods. Fatigue and overuse of some muscles also can be major contributors to sports injuries. Another factor which should not be excluded is dehydration in athletes.

Coping with injuries related to sports usually requires physical rehabilitation. This rebuilds strength in muscles after an injury and also eases movement. Sports rehabilitation therapy can help manage pain, avoid recurrence and prevent permanent damage to the particular muscle. During physical therapy, exercises, stretching and techniques using specialized machines and equipment, is taught by trained therapists to address the problem. Experts are of the opinion that sports rehabilitation therapy is crucial in sports injuries.

Common Sports Injuries include sprains, knee injuries, fractures and dislocation.  

Physical therapy is a very diverse field and one of the specialities includes sports injury rehabilitation. The specific qualities of this are more advanced than normal orthopaedic rehabilitation. Listed below are 3 benefits of sports physical therapy.


In an initial evaluation or functional testing, an athlete undergoes a series of tests and exercises that imitate the movements they perform for their specific sport. This helps the therapist to evaluate the condition of the athlete and work on the areas that could be weak and require improvement.


The initial evaluation helps the therapist chalk out an exercise plan suited to the individual and his specific sport. This exercise plan will focus on training the individual for skills required for their sport. For example a tennis player recovering from a shoulder injury will be given a set of exercises that will mimic the movements in his sport.


Sports rehabilitation therapy also focuses on prevention. Just treating the injury is not sufficient as there could be recurrences and the rehab part tries to ensure that there is no further injury. Many times athletes suffer from repeated injuries due to muscle weakness and biomechanics. A therapist makes the athlete undergo a series of exercises that focus on building muscle strength, improve endurance and correct any biomechanical imbalance.

Anyone actively involved in a sport is highly likely to get injured at some stage of their lives. Injuries are inevitable but with a little precaution we can have a safer sports experience. The below mentioned points could help you stay injury free.

Physical Examination: Get a regular physical examination from a doctor to ascertain your physical health and if you can safely participate in the sport of your choice.

Warm-up: Before beginning any vigorous exercise or sport ensure that your body is adequately warmed up. This could be through brisk walking, jogging, jumping jacks or even jumping rope. This increases the blood flow, prepares the body for vigorous physical activity and opens up the joints.

Hydration: An extremely essential pre-sport / exercise regimen is to start hydrating your body at least 2 hours before exercise. Lack of adequate water in the body could affect your performance. Ensure that you drink plenty of fluids especially in warm weather.

Heat Related Illness: Sports people are very prone to illness related to heat. A major cause of death in sports is heat stroke. Sufficient warm-up before exercising and adequate hydration will prevent this.

Avoid Excessive Exercise: A common reason for sports injuries is when athletes over-train or push themselves beyond their capabilities. A lot many also ignore minor injuries and pain and continue to strain the specific muscle more. Do not play through an injury and never ignore one, however subtle.

Injury in sports is common but the trick is to get timely help and diagnosis. Since injuries are inevitable the goal of every athlete should be reducing the recovery time through the right sports rehabilitation and injury prevention program. Physical therapy has diversified into many fields and nowadays there are several sports rehabilitation and performance centers which can hasten the recovery process. Sports injury rehabilitation is imperative as it helps athletes rebuild their muscle strength and restores full movement after a sports injury.

If you have recently suffered from a sports injury, consider visiting the closest AB Targeting Performance Center for a detailed assessment and to receive customized exercises to recover.


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