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Pilates in Bangalore at AB Targeting Performance

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  • May 9, 2018
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Pilates is a form of exercise which works mainly on improving core strength. Once the core is strengthened, general fitness and well being also improves. Pilates is somewhat similar to yoga as it also focuses on posture, flexibility and balance. The chances of injury too are less as compared to other strenuous forms of exercise. Pilates, like yoga also advocates the mind-body connection. While exercising, the mind has to be focused on the breathing as well as how the body is moving. This can be practised by people of all ages. No one is too young or old for it.

People with all levels of fitness can take up Pilates as this will only help them in raising their fitness levels. Pilates in India caught on much later than other forms of exercise. Till about a decade ago Pilates was a fitness routine only for privileged Hollywood celebrities but with time has become a household name in India. With time, as awareness about health and fitness grew, people began to look at various fitness options. Health was no longer about just losing weight but also stress relief, strength, vitality and individual fitness goals.  From being a rarity, Pilates in India is now being taught in almost any gym.

Pilates offers you several health benefits without taking a toll on your body. We list some major benefits of Pilates below.

  1. It works on the entire body as an integrated whole, unlike some other forms of exercise which lay more stress on certain body parts while neglecting others. Pilates’ workouts focus on balanced muscle development and better range of motions for the joints.

  2. It is good for people of all age groups and adaptable to any level of fitness. Whether you are someone just beginning an exercise regimen, a young adult, or a senior, the various Pilates’ exercises and their modifications can be tailored to suit individual needs.

  3. Pilates may not make you as flexible as yoga but it ensures a good stretch to the muscles and greater range of motion in the joints.

  4. Weight training and the gym focus more on bulk but in Pilates, the main purpose is to build muscles as a whole. The idea is to tone each muscle and improve functional fitness instead of just adding bulk.

  5. Pilates works primarily on core strength, which refers to the abdominal muscles, internal muscles of the back and pelvic muscles. These muscles are responsible for a strong, supple back and a correct posture. Once the back is strengthened, the pressure on the shoulders, neck and other muscles and joints are greatly reduced.

  6. Breathing and circulation are vastly improved in Pilates and the more you do it, the greater the increase in your energy levels.

  7. One of the advantages that might interest those struggling with weight issues is that Pilates helps creates long, strong muscles and a leaner body.

  8. It is considered to be a coordination of mind and body. Each movement in Pilates is practised with complete attention thus helping focus and train your mind.

From being a domain of only the affluent, Pilates has come a long way. One of the leading promoters of this form of fitness in India is in Bangalore. It is a rehabilitation centre with a difference where rehabilitation also involves a well equipped Pilates’ studio in Bangalore. If you are looking for Pilates in Bangalore then the AB Targeting Performance Centre is the place to head to. With skilled professionals and offering the latest wellness solutions, this centre ensures that irrespective of your levels of pain and discomfort you will walk out pain-free. Pilates in India may have been a late entrant but with time it has carved a niche for itself and is definitely here to stay.

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