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Knee Replacement Surgery: Pros and Cons

The modern, sedentary ways to lead a life is having a bad impact on health. The best example is the alarming rise of Knee Pain cases in India. These days elders and also, young kids are falling prey to joint-related ailments frequently which can cause stiffness and restrict your mobility. People take this health issue lightly although in the long run it can become chronic and make you crippled for life!

Till now the most effective treatment for knee pain is considered ‘Knee Replacement Surgery.’ In this, any damaged ends of the bones or any remaining hard cartilage are removed and replaced with metal parts. It involves cutting of tissues and bones to embed prosthetic knee joint components which help to bend knees properly and provides great support by making it stable. No doubt that the success rate of knee replacement surgery is moderately high. But there are certain pros and cons to knee replacement surgery that you must know before opting for this surgery.

Advantages of Knee Replacement Surgery

  1. Relieves Knee Joint Pain completely
  2. Regaining full range of motion
  3. Improved ability to perform regular tasks
  4. Improved ability to do exercise
  5. Improved quality of life

Disadvantages of Knee Replacement Surgery

  1. A risk of infection and blood clots
  2. Scarring across the front of the knee.
  3. Numbness on the surface of the knee.
  4. May affect natural body movements
  5. Swelling might not decrease even after surgery

Best alternatives to Knee Replacement Surgery

Before you take the final call, consult a doctor and weigh the pros and cons of knee replacement surgery, it's side effects since all surgical procedures carry a certain amount of risk.

Although there are several other minimally invasive alternatives to Knee Replacement Surgery that you can try and one of them includes Orthopedic Physiotherapy. This involves the treatment of the musculoskeletal system (made up of the muscles and bones of the body) that has been subject to injury or trauma. The process begins with a detailed assessment of your problem. Based on this, a physical therapist will design a treatment plan that reduces pain and strengthens the muscles supporting your knee. It also includes range-of-motion exercises to regain full movement in your knee. In the acute phase care therapy helps to decrease swelling and repair tissue. Isokinetic device 'ISOMOVE' available to us by Tecnobody refines the rehabilitative intervention and, during the evaluative phase, quantifies the developed force in the knee muscles.  Strengthening and stretching exercises may also be included to mitigate the knee pain symptoms.

If you are suffering from knee pain and want to explore alternatives to knee replacement surgery, visit an ABTP centre near you! We offer advanced physiotherapy and rehabilitation services to ensure that people walk out free of knee pain by using intricate, intense exercises executed in a precise manner so as to attain the most accurate results. For more information, click here.

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