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AB Targeting Performance - Post Surgical Rehabilitation Center

After an individual has undergone a surgery, the common notion associated with it is that the road to recovery ends here. However, many forget about the vital role played by Post Surgical rehabilitation once the operation is over. All kind of surgery be it Spinal and Neurological Surgery, Orthopedic Surgery or Abdominal Surgery, leaves you with swelling, postural problems, reduced mobility, abdominal pain, tissue scars, etc which can only be healed with right Physiotherapy. That is when post-surgical rehab comes into the picture, helping a great deal in staying on the path of recovery and achieving positive health results. In order to reap full benefits from the surgery, post surgical rehabilitation is a must!

Here are some of the benefits that the therapy provides which have been mentioned below.

  1. Increased Mobility:
    To perform daily activities like walking and running with ease, requires physiotherapy. The treatment is performed by Post-surgical rehab specialist in such a manner that it prevents injury and the patient gets back to the active state more quickly. 
  1. Proper Healing:
    There is a need to strike a balance between rest and rehabilitation while you are recovering. With healing that’s possible to achieve, when the proper time is given which makes it certain that your body recovers fully.
  1. Quick Recovery:
    Rather than focusing on spending several days in a hospital and becoming dependent on devices after the surgery, rehabilitation post surgery helps better in recovering more quickly, one step at a time.
  1. Reduced Pain:
    Immediately after surgery, your body resists making movements. Although it’s essential to move a bit as this reduces pain and swelling. With Post-surgery rehab therapy you begin to move and walk safely.

What does ABTP’s Post-Surgical Rehab center offer?

  1. Post-surgical exercises to remove stiffness and improve range of motion.
  2. Personal care training
  3. Workout to toughen muscles and increase mobility.
  4. Manual therapies
  5. Training for home exercises.
  6. Posture Improvement Training

ABTP’s Post-Surgery Rehabilitation Process:

  • With the help of our post-surgical rehab specialists, a thorough assessment is carried out to recognize the problem using advanced medical technology and post-surgical rehabilitation facilities.
  • Keeping in mind your needs and requirements, an individualized physiotherapy and rehabilitation program is outlined based on the findings.
  • Post-surgery exercises are performed using advanced medical technology to remove pain and improve functioning 
  • A Feedback is provided by TecnoBody Systems - 21st century advanced medical systems
  • Sophisticated and dedicated physiotherapy and rehabilitation are offered by our medical professionals till the body has fully recovered and back to its natural state.

By now you might be well familiar with the term ‘post surgical rehabilitation’, so if you are looking to get it done, visit us at any of our AB Targeting Performance Centre for the best post-surgery rehab therapy to feel more active than ever. Our trusted post surgery specialists and facilities guarantee that you get the maximum health benefits for best possible recovery!


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