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8 Interesting Physiotherapy Facts you Didn't Know


Over the years, Physiotherapy has gained a lot of recognition for being the best form of treatment to fully recover from an injury, disorder or disability. It is a scientific approach that helps with the identification and treatment of any health condition. The assessment is carried out by trained physiotherapy specialists, using exercise and advanced medical technology to help you get back to an active lifestyle.

But did you know that a physiotherapist can treat more than just pain and injuries? It can treat vertigo as well - a sensation of feeling off balance and experiencing dizziness. Other than this, there are many interesting facts about physiotherapy that you might not know. Read on to know about them in detail.

The practice of Physiotherapy dates back to 460 B.C.

The Greek physician Hippocrates is known to be the first practitioner of physiotherapy to treat people in 460 B.C. He used it to restore and maintain body functions.

Physiotherapy started as a women-only profession

In 1921, Mary McMillan became the first president of the American Physical Therapy Association. It had 274 female members and then ultimately came to be known as a ‘Women Health’ profession.

Physiotherapy and Physical Therapy is the same

There is a lot of confusion among people regarding Physiotherapy and Physical Therapy where else both are same. They are both used for rehabilitation purpose to improve strength, endurance, flexibility and many more.

There are different types of Physiotherapy

This includes Orthopedic Physiotherapy, Cardiovascular Physiotherapy, Neurological Physiotherapy, Pelvic Physiotherapy and Post-surgery Physiotherapy.

Physiotherapy is a drug-free treatment

The physiotherapy treatment process involves exercises that help to recover fully with no use of drugs or undergoing any surgery. Also, the reason why it is the best cost-effective treatment method to date.

Physiotherapy can be done at home as well!

One of the benefits of physiotherapy treatment is that you can avail this therapy at home as well. You don’t even incur any transport cost as the therapist comes to your home and performs all the physiotherapy exercises with you.

Physiotherapy can treat Vertigo

People often assume that physiotherapy is for treating pain and injuries only but it does more than this. Vertigo is a sensation of feeling dizzy and off balance even when you’re not moving at all. Physiotherapy helps to come out of it and has emerged as the scientifically proven treatment for Vertigo.

Physiotherapy can cure obesity

For weight loss, physiotherapy exercises are very effective. All are performed at low intensities and when coupled with the right diet than the results are remarkable in the form of weight loss.

After getting the lesser known information about physiotherapy, if you are curious to know how it can benefit you personally, feel free to reach out any ABTP centre today.

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