Knee Injuries and Post Injury Rehabilitation

Injury can happen anywhere, be it while playing sports or during training. The sports athletes, in particular, incur injuries to the extreme while trying to keep up with the increasing competition in sports. But the post injury rehabilitation is not just limited to sports population as is believed by many, be it a young or older person everyone needs faster and better recovery from the injury and return to preinjury state. Whether it’s a normal wear and tear of the muscle or knee injury, rehabilitation is very important to get relief from pain and make a safe return to an active lifestyle. This becomes crucial when it comes to sportsperson when post injury recovery time also plays a key role.  

What is Post Injury Rehabilitation? 

Post-injury rehabilitation is a step-by-step process which involves therapy to help you recover better after an injury. Without proper knowledge, people often assume or underestimate the power of physiotherapy although with time it has only gained importance due to better outcomes. The usual post-injury rehabilitation includes treatment for knee ligament and meniscal injuries, thigh muscle injury treatment, knee rehabilitation and injury prevention in sports. The main aim of rehabilitation is to help you lead a life with ease after an injury. 

Knee Injuries that require Rehabilitation 

  • ACL/ PCL ligament partial or complete tear 
  • Any Sprains and Strains 
  • Soft tissue injuries  
  • Broken thigh or leg bones such as tibia, fibula or femur 
  • Associated hip & ankle injuries 
  • Overuse injuries 
  • Bursitis and tendinitis  

ABTP’s Post Injury Rehabilitation Process 

A thorough assessment is carried out by our trained injury rehabilitation specialists to identify and diagnose the problem using a cutting edge medical technology. Based on this, an individualized injury rehabilitation program is outlined keeping in mind the needs and requirements. For example, in a knee injury, rehabilitation program is drawn for a fast, successful recovery. Then physiotherapy exercises are performed using advanced medical technology to remove pain and discomfort and improve functioning. Finally, a real-time feedback is provided by TecnoBody Systems – 21st century advanced medical systems which integrate the use of 3D cameras and sophisticated equipments that ensures that even a single exercise is controlled and effective focusing on quality of movement over quantity. 

The therapy is provided at the center by the specialist physiotherapists till the body is fully restored to a natural state.  

Benefits of Post Injury Rehabilitation

  1. Reduces pain
  2. Better Flexibility
  3. A better alternative to Pharmaceuticals
  4. Improved Posture

Whether you require instant treatment post injury or want to regain muscle movements, you can trust us as one of the best physiotherapy centers that guarantee results. With the help of our trained post-injury rehabilitation specialists and technology, you can meet all your rehabilitation goals. Take a look at all our centers here

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