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High Performance Training & Rehab Center

The role of sports science and technology played a crucial role in my performance and my Olympic Journey. I traveled to the best facilities in the world to benefit and help improve my performance. I always wanted to see these facilities and technology available in India and that’s where the idea of opening a High Performance Training center was born.

The AB Targeting Performance centres are equipped with some revolutionary equipment which combines assessment with training giving athletes and clients real-time feedback while they go through their training. The centre is ideal not just for athletes but also anybody who wishes to improve their human performance, efficiency and fitness.

"It's not every four years, it's every day."

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What is Assessment? 

Assessment is a the process of identifying and understanding the impact of an injury, disability or any...

Physiotherapy & Rehab

What is Physiotherapy? 

Physiotherapy is a scientific approach that helps with the diagnosis and treatment of anybody...


At the Abhinav Bindra Targeting Performance center we provide sports performance analysis, assessment, rehabilitation and...

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